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How to sweeten up your November

Ahh, November.

It’s all about family, togetherness, and most importantly, food. Pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies are typically the recipes for a sweet tooth craving this month, but they don’t have a whole month dedicated to them as peanut butter does.

Yup, November is…

The artist’s former government name was Kanye Omari West. Now, he will officially go by the name, Ye.

After filing a name change petition back in August, his petition was recently granted. This past Monday, Judge Michelle Williams of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County granted the change.


The backstory of the ongoing movement within

First, it was #Metoo, then #BlackLivesMatter, and now some employees of the global computers company, Apple are forming their movement.

It all started with two former employees, Cher Scarlett and Janneke Parrish backed by dozens of anonymous complaints ranging from alleged harassment, sexism…

For this week, Teachers and other educators alike can go to participating McDonald's locations and receive a free breakfast meal.

The entrée choices are an Egg McMuffin, bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, or a sausage biscuit. The drink choices are a medium hot or iced coffee or soft drink. …

Child are like sponges, they absorb the actions of those they’re around

There have been major concerns about the online safety of children. Despite most major platforms issuing a federal privacy law for people 13 and up to use them, somehow younger kids are still making accounts.

According to a…


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